Meet The Team


Her Favs:

Favorite Colors: Red & Green

Favorite Food: Mac & Cheese & My Husband's Chili

Favorite Band: I will always love

Favorite Past Time: 4 Wheeling with my family

Favorite Flowers: Stalk & The Abrei Cadubia Rose

Fun Fact: My Mom & Dad are still & always will be my heroes! 


Her Favs:

Favorite Colors: Coral

Favorite Food: Chinese Buffet

Favorite Band: Florida Georgia Line

Favorite Past Time: All about her son, Lander!

Favorite Flowers: Tree Fern...LOL also loves Spider Mums

Fun Fact: Wants to be a professional musician with the Tambourine. Her Momma is also her best Friend  


Her Favs:

Favorite Colors: Turquoise

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Band: Eric Church

Favorite Past Time: Running my kids around!

Favorite Flowers: Turquoise Spider Mums

Fun Fact: Really wishes she could be in the next Olympics as a Hockey Mom!

PS. She loves her boss!